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New Loot by madmiko New Loot :iconmadmiko:madmiko 6 39 Tiny and Super-Tiny IY Plushie by madmiko Tiny and Super-Tiny IY Plushie :iconmadmiko:madmiko 2 11 IY and YYH Christmas by madmiko IY and YYH Christmas :iconmadmiko:madmiko 8 24 Super-Cool IY and YYH Stuff by madmiko Super-Cool IY and YYH Stuff :iconmadmiko:madmiko 10 10
Just a short piece to get me in the holiday spirit by participating in TheDeadliestSin's December '09 Challenge.  The challenge consists of 5 seasonal prompts.  I won't promise I'll write for all of them, but hopefully, I'll get a couple of them done.  ^_^  This one is for "ribbon."
     "Hey, Hiei!  It's about time you got here.  I was beginning to think you weren't going to come," Yusuke greeted the fire apparition loudly.
     "If I had known that was an option, I wouldn't be here."
     Yusuke laughed and clapped him on the back.  "Now, now.  Don't be like that.  This is fun!  This year is almost over and we deserve to cut loose and celebrate.  Look:  we've got lots of good food and beer, and the girls are all decked out in their fancy dresses.  We've even got some mi
:iconmadmiko:madmiko 18 25
What Clothing Reveals
     A/N:  It's been a while since I added something to this collection and this silly little piece has been tumbling around in my head ever since TheDeadliestSin community posted the prompt "What are you wearing?"
                                     What Clothing Reveals
     "Hurry it up!  We've wasted enough time already, having to track down those bandits to save your ass!"  Inuyasha yelled.
     Again.  Hiei understood the hanyou's irritation was linked to his earlier worry, but he wished he would just shut up.  He was the one who had lost the girl in the first place, while Hiei and the other Spirit Detectives were reporting to Koenma on their progress in the search fo
:iconmadmiko:madmiko 23 25
Anything For The Cause
*This is a very short IY piece, not a crossover.  Naraku is such a sly devil!  ^_~
Anything For The Cause</i>
     "Ku ku ku!"  Naraku could not contain his glee at finally putting his plan into action.  It had taken some time, but he had finally hit upon the best way to cause as much pain and misery to Inuyasha as possible.  The hanyou had been hit hard by the thought of Kikyou's betrayal all those years ago--it had driven him to do exactly as Naraku had wanted and had resulted in him being sealed to a tree for 50 years.  A fond smile curved Naraku's lips at the memory.  But this ... this would be even better.  This would destroy him completely.  He trusted Kagome much more than he had ever trusted Kikyou.
     Glancing down at his reflection in the lake, Naraku smoothed the short, green skirt he wore.  Perfect.  He look
:iconmadmiko:madmiko 6 46
She Shines
She Shines
     He remembered quite clearly the first time she really caught his attention.   They had only been traveling to the Sengoku Jidai for a couple of weeks, accompanying the modern-day miko with ancient power and her ragtag band of friends on their journey to recover the shards of a powerful jewel.  They were all holed up in a cave while thunder echoed all around them and lightning lit up the sky.  And as the heavens raged, Kagome sat with the little kitsune in her lap, telling him a story to help soothe him so he could go to sleep.  Her voice was quiet and calming, yet full of animation designed to entertain and Hiei found himself leaning closer to listen.  Up to that point, Hiei had barely spared her a glance, much less a thought.  He had dismissed her normally cheerful tones as naive, foolish, and frivolous, and had sneered at her loud shouts, thinking her stubborn when she and the ha
:iconmadmiko:madmiko 20 25
A Mature Woman's B-day Loot by madmiko A Mature Woman's B-day Loot :iconmadmiko:madmiko 10 38
Mature content
The Gift That Keeps On Giving :iconmadmiko:madmiko 13 42
One Madmiko's Treasure by madmiko One Madmiko's Treasure :iconmadmiko:madmiko 20 60 Aftermath by madmiko Aftermath :iconmadmiko:madmiko 0 6
HaikuWriMo Winter
February 1st:
the gray sky outside
creeps in my window to plant
the gray inside me
February 2nd:
fiery ice and snow
old shoes invite them inside
toes so cold they burn
February 3rd:
snowy sleety ice
interferes with daily life
kids rejoice, no school
February 4th:
featherlike, drifting
dancing in the crisp, cold winds
snowflakes journey on
February 5th:
winds make ice tinkle
snow crunches, fire crackles, pops
listen to winter
February 6th:
white deceit so pure
floating harmlessly to hide
deadly ice below
February 7th:
red scarves and black gloves
decorate skin as snowflakes
decorate the earth
February 8th:
bright, life-affirming,
yellow rays of doom for ice
I love you, sunshine
February 9th:
snowball fights, snowmen,
snow angels lining my yard,
winter of my youth
February 10th:
finding gloves and boots,
scraping ice, salting driveway
my winter today
February 11th:
snowflakes on my cheeks
howling winds breathe in my ears
winter welcomes me
February 12th:
dark mornings, gray days,
:iconmadmiko:madmiko 4 8
Ice Creation by madmiko Ice Creation :iconmadmiko:madmiko 2 0 Ice World by madmiko Ice World :iconmadmiko:madmiko 13 41 Ho Ho Ho - Ha Ha Ha by madmiko Ho Ho Ho - Ha Ha Ha :iconmadmiko:madmiko 5 48

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We still need 3 or 4 artists who would be willing to draw a piece of fanart or make an amv or put together a soundtrack for one of the stories in our Big Bang at TheDeadliestSin.  Everyone who participates will receive a prize!  (We're talking cool anime merch--you know want it!  ^_~)  Let me know if you'd like to be part of it.  The final product isn't due until August 20th, so you have plenty of time.  ^_^
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